Results Survey

Late 2015 we did a survey to find out what the thoughts were about FunGayDay 2016.

We had a total of 537 participants, of which 87% from the Netherlands, 6% from Belgium.

Almost 80% was male, LGBTA* was 15%/73%/6%/1%/3%.

One out of four also participated in GayDay@Efteling, in 2011.

From those who did not (77%), these reasons were given:

I did not know about it at the time75%
I did not have time16%
It was too far away (abroad)5%
I do not like the Efteling5%
I had no friends to go with4%
I thought it was too expensive3%
The programme was not interesting enough2%
I am not gay, so I thought I couldn’t join1%

Conclusion: most people did not know about it, some could not join (time or distance), only a few did not like it.

People who DID go, went:

with friends78%
with partner41%
with the children4%
with someone else’s children2%

So: as expected, the largest group went with friends, many including partner. Only few people went alone or with children.

Did you like GayDay@Efteling, 96% said YES, so that is encouraging.

When asked what they liked about it, the answers were:

The park (Efteling) 70,8%
The whole event, that it took place61,9%
The atmosphere57,5%
To be with so many other LGBT55,8%
The dress code (red) – to recognize other participants 49,6%
It was well organized 27,4%
The goodie bag20,4%
The hostess (Lady Galore)14,2%
The bus transport to the park12,4%

It is clear that the Efteling was a good choice. If it were not for the lack of co-operation we encountered from the management of the park (to put it mildly), it would have been great to go back again, with a bigger program. However, considering the way the park operates, it is highly unlikely that another GayDay@Efteling will be organized.

In general, participants appreciated the idea of the day, the atmosphere and to be with so many members of the LGBTA* family – recognizable by the dresscode “something red”. Only 5 people had some negative experiences about the day.

Now, onwards to 2016! Where would you all like to see the next FunGayDay? (multiple answers were possible)

Walibi Holland30,8%
I have no preference21,4%
I don’t know 12,8%
Blijdorp 12,0%12,0%
Walibi Belgium10,9%
Other (please specify) 20,8%

The winners are Walibi, Amsterdam, Duinrell and Artis – 36% of people do not have a preference. Over 20% of participants use the “Other” section for suggestions. These were rather diverse: Phantasialand (Germany) and Disneyland Paris were mentioned a number of times, but they already have (or had) a Gay Day. Efteling came up many times, but if you know the story above, you will understand that they are no longer an option. Also Bobbejaanland was suggested few times – for the rest the remarks were very general (beach, culture) or specific (river cruise from Amsterdam to Utrecht).

When we asked what kind of activities people would like to do, see or experience on such a day, the answers were:

Show, entertainment56,0%
A dance party53,6%
Musical performance44,6%
A raffle with prices15,6%

A show/musical is a big favorite, while a dance party scores high too. Lunch/dinner are also preferred (picture a dinner with 1,500 participants… 😉 )

When asked if people would like to attend FunGayDay 2016, 28% said YES, 69% MAYBE and only 3% NO. Promising!

We will proceed to look at the outcome and the suggestions, and contact some attractions to see what their views are: we DO know that the co-operation of the park is an important condition to make it a FUN gay day.

* LGBTA: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Allies. FunGayDay is for ALL LGBTetc. and their family and friends. Because let’s face it: an amusement park is nice, but it is only FUN when you release the LGBT!  🙂