Amsterdam Light Festival ’18/’19

The 7th Amsterdam Light Festival has started, with this year’s theme being ‘The Medium is The Message‘. Just like last year, FunGayDay is organizing a boat tour through the canals, to enjoy the light spectacle from the water. There will also be a dinner opportunity, before we go on board.

— UPDATE 22/12: dinner is now fully booked, only places available for the boat —

The program for January 5 is as follows:

  • welcome in Bistro Baret from 18.30h, with glass of cava
  • starter and main course
  • departure to the boat at 20.15h (6 minute walk)
  • boarding at the Hermitage on our ‘own’ boat The Lounge. We will have a hostess and a guide on board. The boat is covered and heated, and has an open air rear deck.
  • setting sail at 20.30h
  • dessert will be served on board
  • there is an open bar with wine, beer, soft drinks and glühwein (last year’s favorite!)
  • enjoying the 30 spectacular works of art and light
  • return at Hermitage around 22.30h

Costs are €65 for the whole program, or €37,50 for only the boat package.

NB: the number of places is limited, so do not wait too long. Please reserve before December 31, by transferring the right amount to NL22 BUNQ 2025 5358 21, of Stichting FunGayDay. We will then put you on the guestlist. Also, please send a mail with confirmation of number of guests + choice of program to

We hope to see you at the ALF!

On behalf of Adriaan en Xander,
CFO (Chief Fun Officer)